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Good day all.

My 35 yr old oil furnace is being replaced and I am looking to replace the equally old(?) reservoir / drum humidifier with a flow through model. I have never been keen on the idea of a standing tray of water in my heating / ventilation system, so I was pleased to learn that I could install a flow through model.... The problem is that I do not have a floor drain close to my furnace - it is about 30 feet away and in the middle of the laundry room. I can't see running a tube to the center of the room...

How much water could actually be discharged during use?
What other options are available (short of jackhammering out my concrete floor and installing a drain)?
Am I destined to monthly cleanings of another reservoir / drum model ?

Thanks !
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I have a sears flow through model that I installed 5 years ago and am very happy with it. I change the filter once a year. The April air models are the same thing. One thing, mount it on the cold air side if poss to prevent leakage onto the heat exchanger if a clog occurs. As far as the drain is concerned, it has a steady constant drip. You may be able to use an ac sump pump to pump it to a remote location or outside, although icing may be a problem if you pump it outside. If you live in a climate the might benefit from central ac you could kill 2 birds with the pump. You will not regret for 1 min having both!
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have a condinsate pump installed with the humidifier. Then you'll be able to pump the bypass water to the laundry room. The condinsate pump discharge tubing is only 3/8 i.d. and can be routed over head.
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much thanks for the suggestions ! i am going to check into the condensate pump.

pumping outside is out of the question (-25 degrees celsius today) and although an air conditioner would be nice, i just can't justify it... but both suggestions are still better than busting up concrete !
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Don't pump outside, pump to your washer drain pipe. Be careful to only instert pump tubing no more than 6" into washer drain. Otherwise you will clogged it with washer lint.
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