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I have central A/C and gas heating system (sorry, I don't know the brand) and I have a split-level home. It feels like the majority of the heat is coming into the master bedroom. The other 2 bedrooms, including my sons are cool and the downstairs den is cold. I closed the vent in the guest room (guest room is across hall from master), and closed the one in our bedroom halfway) hoping more heat would go to my son's room (right next door to guest), but this doesn't seem to have helped. When I placed my hand up to the vent in his room, the air coming out did not feel as warm as the air that comes out in our room (same for downstairs vents). Why is this and is there anything I can do to make his room warmer without suffocating us in our room or turning the heat way up? Would those magnetic vent covers help? Also, my cold den has a ceramic tile floor, so the floor is cold, too. Would area rugs help in warming the room? Thanks for any advice.
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Have you checked either the crawl space (if your bedrooms are on the ground floor) or attic (upstair bedrooms) for disconnected ducts. It is not uncommon for duct work to loosen and disconnect over time. If your duct work is in place, check to see if your duct transfer box (not sure what the exact name is, but it acts as a junction to split one duct into many ducts to supply air to multiple rooms) has movable valves. If they are closed to these rooms, the heated air is directed elsewhere. Also, if you have flexable ducting, check to make sure they are not "pinched". This can happen if the ducting is draped over a roof joist or if somthing heavy is on top of it.

Good luck.
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adjustable ducts and blower speed

Your ducts may have adjustable dampner levers on them that may have closed due to vibration over time. Check them and adust them. Open wide the farthest ones from the furnace. Close slightly as necc the close ones that have good air flow. You may also need to adjust blower speed up. It is probably on low speed for heat and high for ac. Most have a medium speed. Check with hvac tech to do this as it usually means changing wires on the blower motor. Also check the duct outlet temp. If it is near 160 after running 15 min you can probably increase the speed. Keep in mind that too high blower speed will cause very dry air in the winter. Also check for clogged ac a coil and filter.
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