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How much does outside temp and humidity affect temp output from the duct of ac. If temp outside is 90 and humidity is 75%, what should I expect outlet temp to be. How often should I expect to need to add freon (r22 system)? Any suggestions on how to clean bottom side of a coil short of tearing apart? I do have access to top side of coil.
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Not too much

Outside air at 90 will run head pressure a little higher than 80,drawing a little bit more amps.All in all though your refrigerant will change "STATE" from a gas to liquid.You may see a slight increase in "DELTA T ";from supply and return.It does take a bunch of BTU'S to convert the humidity in the air to condensate.With the doors shut and you are not inducing warm,moist air into the house,your relative humidity will settle out.You should never have to add freon to a system,unless a leak developes of a refrigerant component is replaced.PDF...This is somewhat of a short reply anyother input for worf should be included.
Edited: I don't know if your talking indoor or outdoor coil,which ever coil you clean TURN POWER OFF FIRST!!!!!If it's your outdoor coil a garden hose can be used to flush debris from it.

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worf, what type system do you have split or package? And between out door temps of approx.65 to 95 which is most manufacturer design temps. your should get a Delta T of about 15 to 20 degrees across the evaporator coil. Delta T is return air vs. supply air.
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I have a package system. The outside temp 90, inside temp 78, outlet temp is 62-64 30 feet from a coil in a non insulated duct. Is this acceptable? Also any suggestions on how to clean bottom side of A coil short of pulling out the heat exchanger. Does the heat exchanger burn off some of the debris cat hair etc. from the summer?
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Go to your local HVAC supply house and tell them you want evaporator coil cleaner. Follow the instructions. Get the foaming type. It'll clean those hard to get spots. Yes, any debri will burn off the heat exchanger when you first start up the heat. Get some duct wrap(insulation) and wrap your duct. You will see an improvement in the cooling immediately. Your temp. diff. is on the border line. Wrap that duct.
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