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I recently bought a Aladdin kerosene heater from garage sale. There was no book of instructions. It is an Aladdin kerosene heate EquadorII 19,500 Temp Rite. We need to replace the filter. We have never had a kerosene heater before so we need help replacing the filter. I have tried the company site, but it will not accept email nor will it open its company page. Can you help? Thank you Sharon
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I do not believe there is a filter in kerosene heaters. But there is a wick that needs to be changed periodically. Find a dealer of Coleman kero heaters in your area. They will change it for you and check the system out. Kerosene heaters can be very dangerous, have it checked out first.
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Boy are you right.!! My husband did not take the batteries out before trying change the wick (not filter) and it went into flames in the house in his hands. We almost had a very bad situation. But he kept his head, and got to the door quick. Unfortunatly his hand got burned. The wick did not go on very easy and it would not advance when we turned the handle per the instruction. When he thru it out the back door, he also thru it all in the trash. Said it was far too dangerous.
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After that episode I would thing so. By new, with all the parts and instructions to be safe. Sorry he got hurt.

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