electric heater doesn't coincide with thermostat


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My electric heaters in each room vary wildly from one another. One room can be at 55 degrees and be warm to cool while another, smaller room can be at 75 degrees and be cool. And yet, that same room's baseboard was putting out the correct heat last year. I'm wondering if the ehaters aren't working because they're 15 years old and not been taken care of? I just moved here, so I don't know the maitenance of them. What do I look for? Basically, what can I do? This year's bill was $177--and the average temp. was 29 degrees! Something's not right, especially knowing my townhome neighbors on each side pay much less.
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Do you have separate t'stats in each room? Are the degree temps your giving the actual temp in the room or the temp. you have the t'stat(s) set at?
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Yes, each room has its separate thermostat. The temp. I gave was what the room was. i.e., The small room I spoke of, I set the thermo at 75 degrees and it feels like 55 degrees. My room however, I set at 55 and it feels like 55. Downstairs, one of the baseboards seems to work (it also has a dial on it), but the other one doesn't, although there's just one thermo down there.
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If you know how to use a multimeter? You need to check your t'stats and your heater elements. This is high voltage and can be very dangerous. Call an electrician, he would be more adept at your type of heating.
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