Gas Furnace Screeching Noise

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When my furnace comes on I hear three noises - the first one sounds like a fan, the second is the whoosh of the flames, and the third sounds like a louder fan and that's when I can feel the heat coming out of the vents. SOMETIMES when the third noise starts a screeching noise also starts. It continues until something seems to click off. I can also stop the screeching by turning off the thermostat.

Naturally when I got a repairman in the furnace refused to screech. He checked a few things including the belt and could find nothing wrong. He suggested that it could be what I think he called the blower, seizing up from time to time. The next time I heard the noise it sounded like it could be coming from the area of the blower.

Anyway, does anyone else know what might be wrong?
Can a blower be repaired? The furnace is an Olsen mid-efficiency vented to the side of the house and is 10 years old.

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Linda, it could very well be the fan ( Blower going up ) first thing i would try is replace the belt and clean the pullys...and give the bearings an oiling... he should of checked the blower for free spin and side to side movement.. all this is something you can do, if you feel like ten years old the belt is dry and cracked either glazed or oily... the motor might be going up too, but i would place money on the belt and pullys..
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I do not believe, that on a 10 year old furnace that you have a fan belt. More than likely it is a direct drive motor and the bearings are on their way out. From your start-up discription it sounds as though you have a forced draft style furnace. Have the blower motor changed.
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Depending on the Furnace and the Manufacture, yes it could have a belt driven way to find out and see once and for all, is too turn on the fan only and let that rascal run... let it run til it really makes the noise and then feel the bearings and Motor...if its dragging you will know which is hot..

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