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A friend will be closing on her first house soon, but her inspector noted a problem with the furnace vent passing thru the basement bathroom. The pipe is new from the furnace to at least where it turns up thru the wall to the roof. Someone along the way put foam ceiling panels up to hide the floor joists above running the vent pipe right thru it. What are some common clearance restrictions around these vents? Is there a type of vent pipe that requires no clearance?
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Hi: Yukon

The most common method to run a vent pipe thru a ceiling or wall, is to install what is know as a ceiling bucket.

This item, once installed, will meet all the local codes for running a vent pipe through any housing structure material.

A ceiling bucket is a self contained item that nails to the rafters and then the vent pipe passes through it. The bucket insulates the hot vent pipe from the wood structure.

If a clearance hole around the pipe won't be a problem, you might want to clear the ceiling foam material away from the pipe about 4 inches. This will make a rather large hole in the ceiling and look bad. The bucket may be a better idea.

You could also inquire what the local code is for this condition, by calling the building and safety department in the town. Asking for a suggestion at the local hardware store might be helfull too, since this is where ceiling buckets can be purchased.
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Ask the man

Have your local code enforcement officer come out to inspect.He or she will tell you exactly what is needed to do.You can purchase circular flanges from a sheet metal shop.If he says a certain clearance is required,this flange can be installed and then painted to match.There is a vent pipe called "DUOVENT" it has the recommened clearance built into it.It may not match up tp your existing vent AND it is expensive!PDF
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As PDF says, call your local city/county inspector for this. As for my area clearances are 6" from anything flammable with single wall flue and 1" clearance for double wall/B-vent.
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Thanks, guys. I have suggested to her to have "the" inspector come out, and I'm sure if any of us remember to make the call...

Meanwhile, the biggest problem is that the pipe runs 3 feet along under the joists before turning up toward the roof, and to make it as bad as possible, it is right in front of the doorway! She's considering just moving the bathroom over about 4 feet which looks like it might be the best choice.

For the record, are double wall and b-vent the same thing?
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Yes, depends on witch part of the country your from.
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Okay we already mentioned it's time for a code inspector.Things very from state to state.The BORING time is this.Circa 1995,the state of Maine said....anybody working on propane or natural gas MUST be licensed>>>>>so 700 dollars and 4 months of classes I was blessed to do my thing.The reason I mention this is because someone posted a thread about woodstove venting...and your asking about your venting.I have e-mailed William Sawyer my instructor for the class for any follow up or changes in the state code.This may not apply to your state but at least it's abeginning.I quess what I'm saying is not on the recoerd until I hear from my code enforcement officer ,whom is a member of the MAINE NATURAL AND PROPANE LICENSING BOARD.PDF
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