Trane XV80 heater won't start


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Trane XV80 heater won't start

Our Trane XV80's blower will start then I'll hear some clicking as if its about to start but the flame won't ignite. Usually I'll see a glow, then a flame but I'm not even seeing a glow.
I had this problem last year and eventually with enough persistence (just kept trying to turn it on and off) it did come on. We got it to turn on once yesterday but that was the only time in 3 days.
The red light flashes 7 times (gas valve circuit error?) but when it is off it flashes 3 times. I'm very confused and my toes are cold!

I have no idea where any sensors are (if there are more than one), and I'm hoping if anybody can help they can kind of tell me where to look. I have no idea where the gas valve is to check IT either. Please be easy on me! Thanks so much
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You need to take the cover off the burner compartment of the furnace.

Carefully observe the sequence of events that occurs when the thermostat is turned up to call for heat. You might have to repeat that a few times until you can follow that sequence accurately.

Post what you see here, along with the model number of the furnace from the rating plate in the burner compartment.
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ok so when I turned it on all 5 of the lights came on and the red light was steady blinking fairly slowly while the fan was running pulling the air up into the unit. After that it clicked, the red light began flashing rapidly (7 times per sequence) and this would normally be the time I would see the glow, the top fan with the vent (don't make fun of my lack of heater knowledge!) turned on and turned back off after less than 30 seconds, the big fan kept going and nothing else happened until we turned it back off. the fan kept sucking up air and the red light kept flashing.

My husband checked the gas line and we are DEFINITELY getting gas, its just not igniting.
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Do you see the igniter glowing? Check all thermal switches (high limit) and reset them if any are tripped. They are small and have two wires going to them. There is a small red or black button you can press to reset them. Keep in mind these trip for a reson and saftey should be your main concern. There are also thermal cut offs that have a resistor. These often go bad. You need to find it and check resistance or continuity.

Mike NJ

Thermal cut off

High limit looks like this. Many have a small button in the center.
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no the igniter doesn't glow at all. My husband just tried it again and it worked but within 10 seconds it shut off again. I'll go check what you just said and post back asap

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