House is TOO DRY!!!!!


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Help!! This cold weather has turned our 2 story house into the desert! Humidity levels are below 20% most of the time and my family is suffering the effects.

Our furnace is in the attic with no direct water supply as we were looking into a house humidifier without much luck. I am tired of refilling and cleaning the small vaporizers in each room.

Any help would be much appreciated. Also any ideas on regulating the temperature between the first and second floors? We have 1 thermostat downstairs and there is a substantial difference in temp between the 2 floors.

Thanks a bunch
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Lightbulb Your not alone.

Hi Jboyce,

I have never heard of anyone having such a problem! Have you tried contacting the Winter Dry Air Association?

Sorry, just couldn't shake that one off before replying. LOL. But on a more serious note, I can tell you want I do that might provide an in between answer. And of course you are not alone. First it took me 5 years of adjusting room vents to solve the upstair/downstair heating differential. I'm sure you wanted to hear that. lol

However, for humidity, I do own a 20 gallon, or so, humidifier (not a vaporizer). Bought it at JC Pennys years ago. Fill it every 3 days or so and park it in the hall outside the bathroom (near water supply) and electric outlet and near a large duct intake vent to help distribute the moisture through out the house. It is on wheels so I can roll it in the bath room and fill it. It is very quiet, even at night when everyone is sleeping. It dumps alot humidity into the air. It costs around $100. It is the size of a telephone table. It has a dial to control the amount of humidity in the house. It works nicely!!

The advantage this device is the shear volume of water, some 20 gallons. Even if you put cake pans of water near every vent in the house, it would be like filling 5 small 2 gallon room humidifiers. The only thing better is to buy and install a furnace humidifier.

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Air balancing heat and a/c with a two story home with the furnace in the attic sounds like a row or townhouse. See if there are damper and volume controls on the duct work and each supply.
About a whole house humidifier. If you have a 2nd floor bath, there should be no problem getting water or draining water from your attic furnace.
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