Gas furnace won't automatically re-start


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We have an older (15 year) gas furnace. Lately, when it reaches the setting on the thermostat to automatically re-start, it won't. Instead, the furnace makes this humming sound as if it's trying to re-start but can't. I discovered (accidentally) that if my gas clothes dryer is on, and I turn on the furnace either manually or thru the thermostat, the furnace starts without a problem! This is the only way to start the furnace/heater. It's as if that extra gas in the line is enough to get it started. I had a repairman look at it (before I discoved the clothes dryer solution) and he said it's the electric ignition box that is broken and informed me that it isn't made anymore and he wants to do a retrofit of the furnace ($$$). I can't see how it can be the ignition when I can get it started.It's just the automatic re-start that won't work.

Any suggestions?
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he is probably right. just coincidence with the dryer. make sure your pilot on the furnace is grounded, along with having a proper pilot flame. Best way to make sure is to check your microamps being delivered to the ignition control from the sensor. older ignition modules had lots of bugs. look into a new furnace if the cost seems to steep. 15 years is a lifetime for most older furnaces.
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Or find another tech...if the control isnt made by the company any more, then Honeywell would replace it just fine...
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I'm sure he did this

He did this right??Hooked manometer to furnace,started dryer and monitored gas pressure to the furnace,cycled dryer several times and kept checking for any pressure drop.Rule of thumb years ago was "RUN A 3/8 line to everything.Gas piping has to be sized for your demands and the system demands.Your unit 15 y/o.Has anything been added to the gas demand?PDF.How cold have your outside temps been?If all things look okay it is time for a new and more efficient unit.PDF
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