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I have an HB Smith SERIES 8-SW-3 BOILER with a Carlin MODEL# 99 CRD oil burner in my house. After using this burner since we purchased this house about 10 years ago, I decided to replace the electrodes in the Carlin oil burner since they were worn down. I can't seem to get the
correct setting information for the electrodes to nozzle space. I have asked several people and got several different answers.
I am using a .85gph 60degrees SS nozzle. The burner actually calls for a R monarch nozzle, but they only seem to carry the SS nozzle.

I presently use this setting:
Electrode to tip of Nozzle = 1/8
Space between electrodes 1/8
Space from tip of Electrodes to center of Nozzle (up and down) = 7/16
My neighbor (jack of all trades) tells me to increase the (up and down) to a 5/8" or more. I tried to do that, but the burner will not fire. I returned it to the 7/16 which seem to run fine...

Any help you can give me is appreciated...

Thank You..
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That's a pretty good rule of thumb setting for an 80degree nozzle. Remember the ionized oil cone is produced from the center of the nozzle. 80degree is almost perpindicular to the nozzle, creating a very wide cone. 60degree creates a much narrower cone. Set your electrode spark further away from the nozzle. Better yet, since you can get parts, go back to the supply house and purchase a nozzle/electrode gauge. They're only a coupla bucks.
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Better yet, write to carlin and ask for one of their Electrode gauges... 7/16 is not a bad setting, but if you still have your manual from the manufacture, you will find that even 5/16 above center line is called for on them...if the tips are out of the oil spray and your not getting any rumbling on start up...leave them as they are...

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