Forced hot air Heater- Electrical smell


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I have a GE forced hot air gas furnace only about 12 years old.
Today there was an elctrical burning smell that came through the air vents. I then tried to turn up the thermastat to make the heat click on and nothing happened. Upon checking the fuse box I found I tripped the fuse for the furnace. I opened the funace and saw nothing that could be to blame. I am wondering if it is the fan unit as I admit I hadnot changed the filter in a few months. I learned from that mistake! I am hesitnat to resent the fuse and tried the funace, I do not want to blow up the house. Anyone had this problem before. I remove the fan unit and it does smell like the burning smell, but that could be just because the smell blew through the fan before it entered to vents

Thanks for the help
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I flipped the breaker back on and turned on the heater and the fan is running. It still smells a little but it might be residual. What do you think?

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Let it run

Switch the tstat to fan on.Let it run for 20 minutes.Then turn system off.Carefully feel motor if it is HOT,that probably is the odor.More than likely your motor is a sleeve bearing motor.There should be 2 little caps you can remove and oil it.If you do not have oil on hand ,buy 3 in 1 oil in the blue can.Usually 10 to 15 drops.If it is a sleeve bearing motor the amount of drops and frequency of lubrication should be listed on the motor.When you remove the assembly to oil(WITH POWER OFF)smell the motor windings,look at them with a flashlight,they should have a copper color to them.If they look black ,dark or discolored the motor will have to be replaced.Take the motor to a Graingers outlet.They should be able to match you up with an exact replacement.If you know someone who deals with them you will get a better discount.PDF

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