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I have a GE natural gas forced hot air furnace. We have owned our house for two years now and we have never felt that the vents blew anything more than cool-to barely warm air. While replacing the filter today I noticed that the pilot is lit and the blower works, but none of the four burners are going. What would cause this, I think it has been like this since we bought the house, We mostly heat with the wood stove just because we like it.

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Make sure

Make sure your tstat is not set to fan on.If it is set to automatic,set tstat to 80 and see if burners kick in.If they don't remove tstat cover,remove red and white wire,twist them together;then recheck to see if burners lit.Give us a call back and let us know what happened.PDF
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I will try that.
To give alittle more info, I have four burner tubes that run down the length of the furnace. Mounted on top of them running perpendicular is a length of copper tubing about 1/4" thick. The pilot light is underneath this. I assume the pilot light is supposed to warm this tubing and cause the burners to ignite...Is this correct. If so, the pilot light is not directly underneath the tubing, it is off center by about 1/2" The tubing is not even hot to the touch. Am i on the right track, our way off.

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1/4 inch tube

That is the pilot tube.Very close to that should be a thermocouple.The flame should engulf the tcouple.It probably is at this point or the pilot would not remain on.If the burners start from my earlier suggestion,make sure all burners lit and the flame is a nice clean blue color.PDF
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I do not think it is a pitot tube as it is not connected in anyway to the pilot, it looks like it is built into the burners and runs in a perpendicular direction of the pilot tube and the burners.
I checked the GE website but it seems they do not make furnaces any longer.

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Without looking

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.It sounds like the carry over tube.On a call for heat the pilot lights this tube to carry flame to each burner.If this is the case EWASUP there should be a bunch of small holes in it.If so remove it carefully,there should be an orifice in it.You should be able to see a small hole and day light thru it.If not you can buy a broach from a hardware store or blow the hole out with compressed air.PDF
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Hi: Paul <EWASUP>

Seems we strayed off the main topic slightly here. Not to worry about that crossover tube. Do nothing with it nor to it. It has no effect on the furnace running and not at this point do we need to deal with it. The objective here is to get the furnace turning on to provide heat.

If the pilot is ON but the burners do not lite up, look for a reset button on the gas valve. Should have one and they are usually red. It may also be a rotating control knob. If the is one it may need to be reset.

If the pilot is not on, it may need to be relit.

The heater's fan will automatically turn on, if the heater is equipped with a time delay relay. What this means is once you set the thermostat, the relay will turn on regardless of whether the burners are on or off.

The crossover tube is there to light the burners not directly near the pilot's flame. This item and the main burners it's attached to, should not be removed without knowing EXACTLY how and what the proceedure is.

Should you not get this heater running on your own, I would highly suggest you contact the local heating company and have it professionally serviced for your own peace of mind and safety.

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