heat pump running excessively


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I had a contractor install a new thermostat on my electric heat pump, but now it seems like it runs continuously. With the old thermostat the system would occasionally switch to auxillary heat (outside temps in 20's), but with this thermostat it uses it a lot more. The fan almost never shuts off. The smaller of the two lines from the outside unit sweats alot now too, and has even gotten frost on it, which I never noticed before. I have called the contractor but they say it is normal for the furnace to run more, and for the liquid line to be cold.
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Has your contractor physically checked the system? Sounds as though you may have a problem. How old is the system? Why did you have a new t'stat installed?
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reply/heat pump runnig excessively

The system is 5 years old, and no they didn't check the system. I had a new thermostat installed that had automatic switch over from heating to cooling. In our area (Greater Cincinnti) it is a nice option in the spring and fall. It also is programable for setbacks with 'intelligent' recovery. (Honeywell T-8611G 2002). I am currently not using the setbacks, I have it set on hold. It just isn't cold enough here yet for the system to be running as much as it is.
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The honeywell has a 1degree differential. A very sensitive t'stat. Have you had your system serviced in the past 5yrs? If not, please do. You may have lost some freon or just need a good cleaning. Or you may need to adjust your heating cycle rate at the t'stat. This is a feature with your new stat. Min. off with this stat is 5min in heat and cool cycles. Was your old t'stat mechanical? It may have been overshooting the temp. set point, therefore running less.
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I'll get someone in to check the system this week. The old thermostat was mechanical so you are probably right about overshooting/undershooting the setpoints. Thanks.
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Angry Follow-up

I had a contractor check the system and found that the new thermostat was using the incorrect factory settings for my Rheem heat pump. The reversing valve was energized at the wrong time resulting in the heat pump running in cooling mode while the furnace was fighting to beat out the A/C. The thermostat was reprogrammed and the system works fine. I haven't gotten my electric bill yet but it is sure to be huge. I am also out the service charge to have the second contractor tell me the one that installed the thermostat messed up. I hope the contractor that installed the thermostat will pay the service call and the excess on my electric bill. If they refuse I intend to take a trip to small claims court.
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Sorry you had to pay twice. That is a failing with Rheem, some RV's are energized in heat and some in cool.

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