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I have a 3 ton Comfortmaker heatpump. For the past 2 years the home has not been warm. I can't feel any heat coming out of the vents . It ices up and does not defrost until late in the afternoon and sometimes never. It depends on the temp. I live in SC. We have experienced a colder winter than usual. The low being in the teens at night and early mornings, but getting in the 40s in the afternoons most days. I have the same problem during the summer, air can't be felt coming out of the vents. I had the system serviced last year Jan. It was defrosted and said to be working properly at that time. He did write on the repair form that he adjusted the brackets on the blower and I may want to replace it. Could this be the reason that I can't feel the heat or air coming out of the vents? Please provide me with as much information as you can.

Thanks, DGC
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Hate to say it

You have air flow problems somewhere.Ask around to friends and neighbors for a reliable company.YOU NEED YOUR indoor coil,blower assembly and supply duct checked.Your air flow problem dictates poor air flow and thus insufficent heating and cooling.Whatever company you contact make sure you get a complete analysis.PDF Your unit should be suppling approx. 1500 CFM thru duct work.PDF.Have them start from square one.
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Do you have a package heat pump or split system? Duct work in the crawl? SC installation practices are not much differant than NC and there they use flex duct in the crawl for return air. Do you have a single filter grill return? If so your return flex has probably colapsed or is disconnected in the crawl. NC & SC use 400cfm per ton of air as per Carrier and Trane. The icing problem should be addressed by a tech. Could be multiple problems with freon, defrost circuit, reversing valve, etc.
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Hello everyone the above post was made by my wife. like she said if you put your hand up to the vent it barely blows out but you can tell that warm air is comming out vice in the summer time with the cool air. I think I remember a guy coming out and looking making the diagnosis that the duct work in the attic was not properly routed. With that said the house is not heating; I noticed today that the fan out side on the comfort maker unit insid was not turning or ever turned the whole time I was looking at the unit even while the system was on in the house. Part of that may be because a chunk of ice was froze to the blade binding it. So I ran water on it to free the fan blade still no turning since then. At this time I also noticed that in the little glass window where you can see the freon circulate it was clear. Doesn't it supposed to be milky looking if it has any freon. Please when replying with a question explain or describe what you want assuming that heating and cooling is all new to me.
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Aux heat

Place unit to aux or emergency heat for the night.If you luck out the outside motor was off because it overheated.Once it cools off overnight it may restart.Your sight glass is clear for one of two reasons,either you have a correct charge OR your compressor also tripped on a safety.Duct work,if during install,was heating and cooling correctly should be doing the same now.UNLESS the duct is flex duct and is pinched or collapsed.Went of a job about 6 years ago.Flex duct was correct,HOWEVER there was too much causing flow restrictions.I ended up removing about 80 feet.Checked airflow before and after with an ALNOR.I increased air flow approx. 70 cfm to all areas.Hope your outdoor motor kicks in tommorrow morn,if not you will need new one.If that is the case call a company that services your brand so when they show uo they will have a replacement.You will need model and serial number of outdoor unit.With this info you will not have to pay for two service calls.PDF RSES CERTIFIED AC/R TECH UNIVERSAL LICENSE STATE OF MAINE CERTIFIED PROPANE/NATURAL GAS PIPER,INSTALLER AND SERVICE TECH COMPANY OSHA SAFETY OFFICER "SILENT SERVICE" SUBMARINE VET


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