Duct in ceiling, is this good or bad?


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Just bought a new home (havn't moved in yet) and the duct is in the ceiling. Since warm air rises and cool air falls should this be a concern especially in the winter? The home is approx. 2000 sq ft with a 3 1\2 ton heat pump. Any replies will be appreciated.....
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Where are the returns located? Type of home? On a slab?
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Return is in the laundry room. Two or more vents in ceiling of each room. Three bedrooms with two baths. Home is a modular on a concrete slab. Workers just started on the brick outside. Hope this helps...

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In the Sun Belt this is common. (Cooling needs decide the issue.)
In the Rust Belt floor ducts prevail. (Heating needs decide the issue.) The colder the climate, the more important it is to warm the floors in the winter. Delivering the heat through the floor itself is the most comfortable way to heat (but not the cheapest).

Cold air rising and falling is true when the fan is OFF. This happens no matter where the ducts happen to be. The end result is stratified air (With the cold air at the floor and the hottest air at the ceiling, winter or summer.

When the fan is ON it keeps the air stirred up. This is like cooking spaghetti sauce. The heat at the bottom won't burn the food if you keep it moving. Ceiling fans are a great way to accomplish this, year around.
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On a slab you'll have no cooling problems. You will though with the heat. Get some comfortable slippers. The slab will tend to stay much cooler than the air temperature no matter what. Body will be warm, feets on the floor much cooler.

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