Monster furnace DIY or find a Pro?


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Man, that heat exchanger is HUGE!

Hope the dealer stand behind on comfort.. Another word, if the house cools down too fast, and it's humid, and they then learned the unit is oversized, and will replace it for no charge to the correct size.
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Ya, I can't imagine that thing being more than 50% efficient over the season given how long it would take to reach steady state operating temperatures. On the other hand, it's solid.
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Heat Exchanger

:No Beer 4U:Each was like a cast iron tub. But at 59 years old it still did the job keeping us warm.

The XC21 has a dehumidification cycle built-in which works with the iComfort thermostat/humidistat to keep the cool air running through the house. During the test run we ran it brought humidity down below 50%. The installer said during cooling cycles the unit will sense the humidity, freeze the coils and then run the blower. It certainly felt comfortable during the test but we'll see next summer season.
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Nice looking installation. Looks like they did a quality job, for sure.

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