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I have a Rheem Heat Pump that is a split unit. I recently replaced the fan relay on the inside unit because that fan ran constantly, and it fixed the problem. Now a new problem. My outside unit maked a clicking noise. I have changed the relay that is making the noise and the new one is making the same noise. Through the clear case I can see that the contacts are not staying engaged, they are clicking in and out. What could be causing this. I need help ASAP.
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Hi timew,

I'm not a heating guy, but I would guess that the component that is controlled by the clicking relay, (probably the fan motor) is defective. For example, if the fan motor is stuck, due to bearings, then it won't spin and it will overload the circuit. The clicking sounds like it is trying to start the fan again and again. Replacing the relay, as you can see, will not fix the problem. Give the fan blade a spin with a stick next time it clicks and see if it doesn't start right up. If so, replace the fan motor.

Good luck, thats just my 2 cents worth

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Rheem Heat pump..... Hummmmmmm...just had one today doing the same thing,,, the clicking relay is your defrost relay, and the Defrost board controls this relay.... if you replace the Defrost board, your problem should be solved..
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Check control voltage at clicking relay. A chattering relay is usually a control voltage problem in the wiring or another component in that same circuit. This may have been what fused the fan relay. Chattering relays/contactors have a tendency to fuse from the electric arcing.
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Hi r-12 guy,

In Missouri, there aren't many heat pumps, unless the developer of your neighborhood "made a deal" with the power company. Shhhhh. Anyway, I know little bout pumps. Do they have a defrost cycle like a refrigerator?

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24 volts +

Make sure when system is running you have 24+ volts,not 21.5,not23.2 but 24 volts plus.You have had 2 low voltage relays go.It costs you nothing to borrow a DIGITAL volt meter.MAKE SURE YOU CHECK transformer voltage with unit running.PDF
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PDF, thanks for your advice. I checked and had only 19.5 volts coming across board. Replaced the board and the new relay is working fine now. No clicking and defrosting well. Again, thank you very much.

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