Ignitor replacement tricky????

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We had the gas company out to fix a leak outside the house. The guy shut the furnace down, and then it wouldn't come up again. He said that the ignitor wasn't lighting up and showed me how the gas would start, then stop without the ignitor glowing.

We can get the ignitor for 64 bucks locally, and intend to try to swap it out tonight. (No heat for 24 hours.)

We don't mind paying to have things fixed, but this seems like such a simple thing. It isn't that hard to get to. Nothing but a screw and plugging it in? (It will save us over a hundred dollars.)

Am I missing something? Are there some words of warning before I swap out my furnace ignitor?

The furnace is a ComfortMaker (InterCity) gas, not a heatpump.

Thanks alot for any help or advice you can offer.

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Steve And Jodi, Go for it ... that price seems a little steep to me but then i dont know costs in that neck of the woods... Keep your Fingers off the metal part, the oils from your skin can effect it, and handle like a new born baby so as not to break it ... other then that its a piece of cake...
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You can do this, I find it was a big pricy for the part but the price could vary depending on the model. I replaced one on my furance and it was around $ 25. canadian. The ignitors are fragile, so don't touch the ignitor coil itself, just the back of it where you mount it just like the R-12 guy mentioned. In my case I had to remove a couple of the frame thrower jet pipes (I may not have the correct technical name) to get easilier excess to where the ignitor was mounted, but that may not be needed in your case.

In my case I was able to use the furance for a day until I got the replacement ignitor by taking advantage of the 1 or 2 seconds that the gas does hit, and then shuts down when no ignition, I was able to ignite manually during that time, crank up the thermostat a few degrees higher and was then able to survive for several hours after the furance was shut down.
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Piece of cake!

Had it installed and firing up within 15 minutes!

Thanks for your support.

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