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I'm gathering estimates for heat pump for a new home in southcentral AL. One company recommended Puron unit, saying "R-22 will be increasingly expensive as the cut-off date approaches." Which, according to them, is 10 years away. The other company says "We're just positive that they'll come up with something to replace R-22 before the cut-off day, which is 5 years away, so that a different unit won't be necessary." They also think that Puron units operate under too much pressure to last. Also this company uses "insulated fiberboard" for parts of the ductwork. I'm concerned that this material isn't sturdy enough. Who's telling the truth?
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Howdy, Truth is on one can say exactly what's going to be developed in the next 5-10 yrs, but we know what happened to r-12 prices shortly after production (in the US) stopped. As it is phased out in 2010 expect similiar results. The residential industry has been slow to warm to Puron but many mfgrs are now offering one, or soon will be. Many ppl move every 6 yrs or so. To make the high end (high dollar) high efficiency units really get the return it promises in energy savings it takes time. You move in 3 yrs & you would have been better off $ wise to go mid or low efficiency. Pressure changes can be engineered into the new products but makes equip. more expensive. Heck R&D is expensive.
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As perviously mentioned 2010 is the end of R22. Pureon is the only approved refrigerant and probably will be the one. It was developed by United Technologies(Carrier). None of the US manufacturers have approched the problem as of yet and will probably go with Pureon as the cut off date approches. Already, many drop in refrigerant blends have been tried and died. If your gonna be in your home past 2010, go with the Pureon. Fiberboard: Cheap,cheap,cheap...Go with insulated or wraped metal duct. It will last a lifetime.
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Smile thanks

Your replies were just what we needed to make these decisions. THANKS!
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This is what I found:


This is a very political issue. The treaty called for a phase-out date of 2030. If you donít like it, talk to your congressman loud and long.
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That's interesting. Thanks for the web address, and I appreciate your comment.
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