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Hi experts,
I have a Lennox Pulse Furnace (Model G1404-80-2) that they tell me is not "sparking". I live in an area where there are only a couple Lennox dealers now and they seem to have little interest in working on Pulses. To get the following parts (spark plug, special wrench for sensor/spark plug, diaphram gaskets, flame signal, and two bolts for front plate) and do the work, I was given an estimate of $700. Am I being taken for a ride, or can those parts really cost that much to be delivered next day from Lennox (they don't keep any of it in stock)? Secondly, they also offered an estimate for replacing with a Trane (also will replace air conditioner coils above furnace and do some minor re-venting) for $3850. Am I being given an abnormally high repair estimate to help influence me toward the Trane instead, or does this look like it's within reasonable parameters to you? And finally, should it be expected that a close to 20 year old Lennox Pulse has served its time? Thanks for any opinions.
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Final decision

Have them COMPLETELY inspect heat exchanger for cracks,pitting and holes>>>>have them sound heat exchanger also.If is does have any of the above problems it has to be replaced.Most heat exchangers have a 10 year or less warranty.PDF P.S. when I say replace I mean a new furnace,not only is the heat excahnger close to 20 yo,but all other components are too.PDF
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Lennox pulse is no longer being manufactured, and therefore most lennox dealers are not carrying parts. Not all that many were sold during the amount of time they were in production. Your problem is nationwide with the pulse. Parts are very expensive. Air flappers here go for about 60 bucks. Sparkplug and sensor are a standard box wrench. Not included in the standard 8 wrench set. It's a weird size. All in all, get ride of the pulse if you can afford it. They were a good idea gone bad. Get more estimates from other contractors. Your estimate may be within range for your area.
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Talking Lennox Pulse

The pulse furnace was actually a very good furnace. It is true there were some problems that caused Lennox to take it off the market. However, there are still many out there that function as they were intended, IF properly maintained. The parts you mentioned are some of the main components to the pulse furnace, so YES, the expense does sound reasonable. At 20 years of age, you are looking at replacement of the unit as a wise decision. Furnace lifespans usually range from 15-25 years, depending on the make, environmental factors, maintenance history, etc. It is true there are furnaces out there that have lasted 30+ years, but efficiency is very poor with these units.

I question the need for replacement of the evaporator coil for the cooling system. Is it in bad condition? Is the coil the same age as the furnace, or newer? The evaporator coil needs to be matched as closely as possible with the existing condensing unit. Otherwise, you will have an inefficient, and possibly inadequate, cooling situation come summer. If the cooling system is as old as the furnace, you would do well to have the whole thing replaced.
Shop around until you find a dealer you are comfortable with. Don't take the cheapest route. Make sure whomever you choose will be around for the long haul to service the equipment you purchase. Talk to friends or coworkers to get references.
Happy Hunting........

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