Adding a Return & Register to my System

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Mikey C
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My home heating/air conditioning is a Carrier HeatPump Forced Air system. Single home design 1st. & 2nd. floors with a finished basement. Basement has baseboard electric heat with a digital thermostat to operate/control the heat. Basement is 3 rooms - office area, heater room area, and a family room area. Total Basement is approx. 500-600 sqft.

QUESTION: I'd like to put in 2 additional Register Ducts(Sends) and 1 Return Duct in my Basement. I believe my system will handle it. I can monitor the air flow when the Basement is in use. Basically open the Register when in the basement, or keep them partially open to allow a little heat to the Basement when not down there.
REASON: The electric heat is costing me a small fortune.
Is this Ok ? and is a Return necessary?
I've also noticed when my system is on, that when I close my basement door from the 1st. floor their is a lot of air that flows under the door to the basement. Why is that?
It seems as though the system what's to draw air to the basement - But their's no return or registers down their ?? Currently my house (1st. & 2nd. Floors)have return ducts which are not covered by any objects. So the returns are working. Any Suggestions ?
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Yes you can

Add the supply with flex duct and use your home as the return.PDF supply duct and diffuser as close to floor as possible.Remember it will only supply heat when heat pump is running unless you place tstat to fan on position.PDF
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Mikey C
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Very good point... PDF. I was considering the easy way out and place the 2 supply vents in the drop ceiling. I'll definately place them down a wall somewhere. What about a return in the basement? With two supplies for heat in the winter and A/C in the summer, do I need a return? Any chance without a return, moisture could build up? Also, the draft through the basement door. What's up with that?? Is that normal. Will a return in the basement help that issue??

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