Need an opinion on furnace problems


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Need an opinion on furnace problems

My new goodman gas home heating system was installed about 20 years ago.We have never had a problem with it.Two days ago i noticed my furnace was not kicking on like it should.I called my furnace man,of whom didn't install the furnace when new. When the furnace was installed new the installer left a new igniter just for a spare.Yesterday my furnace man ,which did not install the furnace new, sent his son which hellps my furnace man install furnaces and he diagnosed it as a igniter problem. He install a new igniter that they had.
Later that day i noticed the furnace wa making a louder sound when kicking on.I noticed it was shooting flames out the door and something seemed wrong.I called my furace guy again.He came over last night ,saturday night,and took out the burners and said everything looked pretty clean.He finally decided to install my igniter which the original installer left as a spare and it has so far taken care of the ignition problem and it seems to have made a big difference on the co2 problem which he said could help solve the co2 problem.He said he never had a bad igniter from the factory before. I haven't received my bill yet but i'm expecting to be charged for two service calls and igniter and at least 2 hours labor including labor for saturday. I don't think i should be charged for the igniter ,since its mine to begin with,and all the labor to fix the problem his son seemed to have made by installing a bad ignitor. The furnace man never said anything about chargers last night but i usually get the bill next month. I know im jumping the gun but just want some opinions about how i may be charged for this problem which never should have happened .The son of the furnace man didn't really make sure that the furnace was working before he left.He seemed too busy getting a reading on co2,which i realize is very important but he may have caused. Thanks for letting me say my opinion on this issue. I very much hope he just treats me right.
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Most furnace repair companies provide a guarantee on parts they sell that includes labor. So if a part they install is bad, they would make no charge for that.

Since their part was bad and they wound up using your part, I would presume they would refund the charge they made for the part when they installed it in addition to making no charge for the repeat call.

That's what I'd call fair, and that's what I would have done in my days as a furnace repairman.
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furnace problems

I just thought i would follow up with this because i got the furnace bill today.They charged me for 2 hrs labor.I really think that is twice what i thought it should be.OH well im warm now. Thanks for chewing your ear.
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Do you know whether the time estimate was on-site or portal to portal?

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