Trane Inducer Motor KIT15017


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Trane Inducer Motor KIT15017

I have a Trane XV90 TUY100r9v4v3 installed in 2000 with the BLW0732 inducer, aka part 8767-4220 with the GE 5SME44JG2002E motor. I'm considering installing the KIT 15017 preventively.

Two questions.

1. How do I know when the old inducer motor is nearing critical? No problems since installation. However I was told years ago (circa 2002) by a Trane dealer that the GE inducer motor goes bad. So I've had my eye on it since then. I use a toothbrush and vacuum on the vanes around the rotor as annual maintenance. When rotated by hand it seems to detent back to the same position but besides that the rotor turns pretty freely. Haven't noticed any changes or increased torque required in all these years.

Right now it sounds like it's always sounded since they finished the installation: Starts with a growl, low-pitched like a subwoofer, nothing high-pitched like bad bearings, pitch changes on ignition and ramp-up to stage 2 as RPM increases. Nothing sounds alarming.

2. If I do go with the kit, what does the installation manual advise, that I could not do myself, due to lack of expertise or tools? In other words, what would a pro do after installing this? I'd hire a pro if something special were required, but besides the $ savings, I enjoy working on my own equipment. I'm comfortable doing routine household electrical work at 240V and under, reading wiring diagrams and checking specs, have digital and analog meters and the usual tools.

If it wasn't practical to do it myself, I would probably get estimates from two or three pros I've dealt with in the past. At this point it looks like something to do in May at the earliest, after heating season.

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The inducer on furnaces can out live the furnace. I wouldn't consider replacing it as a preventative repair.

Now if this was a package unit ...
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Thanks for your reply. The question remains, how do I tell when it is critical? Is it generally going to whistle, or screech, or just stop running one day with no warning?
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The bearings will usually start to squeak or squeal. Sometimes you will hear the impeller start to scrape the housing. Sometimes they just up & quit. As you can tell from my answer, there is no consistant indications of pending failure.

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