Pilot light blows out when furnace kicks on


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Pilot light blows out when furnace kicks on

I live in a trailor house in Nebraska. The furnace is a weatherite? that burns propane, and is probably at least 20 years old. Last year we had the thermocoupler replaced. This year we had a mix up with the people that filled the propane tank, and I ended up shutting off the valve. Anyway, we had a tech at the house yesterday as we had problems keeping the pilot lit. Nobody was home when he came, and when we got home the furnace was running. As far as I can tell, he changed some of the copper tubing going into the furnace, and he removed the air filters. Once the furnace shut off, it blew out the pilot light. After relighting, the furnace fired up and ran a cycle then blew the pilot out again. This happened 4 times. We turned the thermostat down so the furnace wouldnt run at all last night, and the pilot stayed on all night. I turned the thermostat up this morning to see if it was still acting up, and when the furnace fired it blew the pilot out. I relit it and same thing. I was wondering if that lack of air filters could be the problem, or do I need to call somebody back over?
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The most common reason for this kind of problem is a dirty pilot burner and pilot orifice.

Describe what the pilot flame looks like.

It should be a solid blue flame that looks like a small blowtorch. A dirty pilot burner has yellow tips and is a soft flame like a candle.

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