Heat Pump not heating


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Our heat pump will run and heat fine for days, then without warning will seem to stop heating. The room temp may be 70 degrees, and the thermostatt set at 70 degrees, but it will run non stop, actually cooling down the house. We finally shut it down when it gets down to 66 degrees in the house. It is like the system has reversed and it is cooling. The air is noticeably cooler coming out. Unless we turn up the thermostatt to kick-in the heat strips, the unit does not heat the house. The outside temp is 45 - 55 degrees, so it is not like it is that cold outside. Is the unit freezing up or is it something like a valve reversing? Help!
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lynn comstock
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It sounds as though you have auxiliary heat strips. These should engage during the defrost cycle. (Yes, it is cooling to heat the outdoor coil to melt frost buildup).

The wiring may not be correct. The heat strips exist and work. (If I understood you correctly)
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Could be

Liquid line thermister,if your unit has one.It senses the liquid line,sends a signal that it has warmed up enough to defrost outdoor coil and sends reversing valve back to heat mode.Next time you notice this look outside.If your outdoor fan is not running you are still in the defrost mode.Which means you are now in the a/c mode.You must look at the outdoor coil to make sure it has defrosted completely.With your out side temps and high humidity the coil could be frosting up at night when temps drop.Also if the outdoor fan is running the compressor should be too.Next time you feel cold air and the outdoor fan is runing,go out side and feel the larger copper line.It should feel warm or hot to the touch.If not the compressor is cycling off on a protection device.Keep us informed on your progress.PDF
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Only you can tell us if the unit is freezing up. Next time the cooling thing happens go out and look at the heat pump. If you are defrosting, then your reversing valve may be sticking in the defrost(cooling) mode every now and then.
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lynn comstock
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I forgot to mention that the defrost cycle usually is designed to "time out" and switch back to heat in 10 minutes. If this porblem behavior is under 10 minutes it is doing a normal defrost and the problem is with the auxiliary heat.

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