Furnace doesn't light all the way


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Furnace doesn't light all the way

I have a Trane XR80 furnace, approximately 7 years old. Earlier this winter I found the following happening.

Thermostat signals the heater to run. Furnace runs for 6 - 10 seconds and then the gas shuts off. At first we thought this was an issue with the flame sensor so we replaced that. The problem persisted. By watching the lighting process with the cover off the unit what we found happening was that only the first 2 flame tubes would light when the gas came on. The third tube (where the flame sensor was) would always light and when it didn't the flame sensor wouls shut the gas off.

What do I do?
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The burners are misaligned or the crossover tubes are dirty.

Call a pro - do not attempt to fix it. Electrical troubleshooting is okay if you know what you're doing, but gas work should be left to licensed gas fitters.

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