bryant heater error codes and frequent on/off


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bryant heater error codes and frequent on/off

We have a Bryant gas furnace model #310JAV048110AAJA that's in a 7 year old house in Reno, NV. It's starting to get colder and we have turned our heater on. The temperatures are already getting down to freezing or just below. We have had the same problem in the past, where we get error codes. The heater will fire up and run for a while then shut off, but the fan will continue to blow cold air and drop the temperature down. once it got to 60 degrees when the thermostat was set to 66, it happened during the night while we were sleeping. I fiddled with everything with wires making sure nothing was loose, there is a main limit switch which is on the right side of the burners when it's technically supposed to be on the left as the furnace was installed upside down when the house was built to accomodate the gas line between the furnace and the water heater. They are next to each other in the garage and the gas line splits between the two. Anyway, this past Sunday we got error code 33 which changed to 13 and cold air was blowing into the house. The filter was dirty, so I changed it and unplugged the furnace and plugged it back in to restart it and it worked for a bit but then repeated the process. I thought about it for a couple days then when back to it and realized that one of our vents in the living room was being covered by our couch even thoguh it was open and I restarted the furnace again and it seems to have worked so far. The furnace ran at a low temp of 64 for two days then this evening the furnace stopped working completely, even if I raised the temp from 64 on the thermostat to 66 because it was cold the heater wouldn't even go on. I went out to check the furnace and the code 13 was flashing. I unplugged the furnace then plugged it back in and it started working again. However, the furnace goes on and off frequently to get up to temperature which i raised to 68 as it was getting cold in the house tonight. I don't know if the system is overheating and is causing the furnace to protect itself. All our vents are completely open, the air filter is new, the furnace itself is really clean. I'm just wondering if our duct system might need to be treated/cleaned as i don't know of it has ever been done because it almost seems like and airflow issue that's causing the furnace to keep shutting off completely or be on/off frequently. If any more details are needed let me know, but some guidance and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Those error codes flash when the limit switch is opening, indicating that the furnace is overheating.

Use a voltmeter or multimeter to check and see if the limit switch is opening. Could be a false signal by a bad circuit board.
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Thank you

I've read a lot about people using the meters and about circuit board problems, that sounds like something that I could really do myself. Thank you for the suggestion and I will let you know if it helps.
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It is more than likely the limit switch. You can test it for continuity with a voltmeter to see if it is stuck open. A few times I have removed the limit switch, gave it a few gentle taps with a screwdriver, plugged it back in, and it fired right up. Of course, that is a temporary fix and needs to be replaced at the earliest as it will probably act up again.

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