Central Heating System Noise

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I have bought an 8 year old house (2 floors with 3 rads downstairs, 5 upstairs) that uses a Myson Apollo wall mounted gas boiler for water heating. The boiler heats both the water for the radiators and the hot water supply (via a standard copper cylinder).

The system works OK (i.e. plenty of hot water) except that the radiators/pipes constantly make small banging and ticking noises whenever the boiler is on (and for a while after the boiler has been switched off).
The boiler has a fixed thermostat with two settings - High and Low - that is, the running temperature cannot be varied otherwise.

I notice that the noises start when the boiler has been on for a while (i.e. when the water warms up) and from then on, seems to come and go as the boiler switches on and off via the thermostat (circulating pump remains on all the time-it is independent of thermostat). Hence, this leads me to think the noises are related to expansion of the pipes.
However, the noises are not in one specific area, they seem to be throughout the house. So far, I have checked the pipes in three rooms upstairs to see if the noise is due to the pipes rubbing against the house framework and, on each occasion, I have insulated the pipes from the framework. But, the noise still continues.

Is this due to something else? Have flushed out the system using a descaler and refilled with an anti-corrosion solution. Have also bled rads as best I can.

Any comments welcome.
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Seems as though you've covered it. It just may be the expansion of the pipes. You may just need a pro to hear it and diagnose.
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I think you have air in the lines. Are you sure the automatic fill valve is working, such that you have sufficient water in the boiler and heating piping?

"Bled, as best you can", leads me to believe you did not get a jet of water out of the bleed valve. If not, you do not have enough water in the boiler system.

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