Lennox G23Q2/3-75-1 furnace blower won't come on


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Post Lennox G23Q2/3-75-1 furnace blower won't come on

Hi. I have a Lennox G23Q2/3-75-1. First let me say the the a/c side of things works perfectly. When I turned the thermostat to heat and keep it in auto the blower won't come on. I went down to the furnace and made sure the pilot was lighting properly and it was working fine. The pilot lights and the furnace heats up, but the blower doesn't come on. After about 5 minutes the furnace shuts. When I switch the thermostat from "auto" to "on" the blower still won't come on. I have double checked and switched the system back to cooling (after about 30 minutes) and the a/c still operates normally.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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I also forgot to mention that just to be safe, I changed the batteries in my digital thermostat in case that was the problem...it wasn't.
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Because the blower isn't coming on it is shutting off on high limit. Here is a link to a thread that had a problem similar to yours: http://www.doityourself.com/forum/ga...to-mode.html#b

In his case it turned out to be a bad blower control board. In your case it could be something else but it is a place to start. Make sure your air filters are clean and all air vents are open in the house.

Here is a link to some good info about your unit:

Page 38 has a troubleshooting flow chart for heating sequence.

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Does the furnace work okay at this point with the fan in ON mode?

Your furnace has two electronic components - the ignition module and a fan control board.

Either the heating speed tap on the motor is damaged or the board is bad. Don't replace the board until you verify that it's bad.

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