New gas furnace causing headaches, HELP!


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Well, headaches rare still here. So it's not dirty ductwork. That leaves air pressure, the ac coil, or something intrinsic to the furnace itself.

Guy says he is coming tomm to pop out AC coil, if that doesn't work then it's new duct run to outside, if that doesn't work it's new furnace.

the 80k furnace I got now is too big for the house, if I got a 60k gas furnace, what would the drop in CFM be between the two?
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It's the ductwork. We popped off the Ac coil, fired up the furnace, and I tuck my face right in th blast of hot air off the furnace. No headache. Hooked the furnace back up the the duct, popped the bypass hole open, instant headache.the only thing it could be at that point is the ducts.

The ducts have a sooty, oily residue on them from my oil furnace. I found a product, soot set, and an hvac guy to install it, which will seal the ducts and the residue so it can no longer interact with the furnace air. That should solve the problem completely
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I am having the same problem with headaches from my new gas fired unit heater in the garage. Same hot metal smell and the smell is stronger than it was initially. My investigation found only one thing. At the first bend in the heat exchanger for the hot gases the aluminum coating is changing to black. It starts out with small dark dots then the area changes to black. This first bend it the hottest and I assume it's burning off. If it isn't burning off then there is some reaction taking place changing it to a black color and added the smell in the air. It's only happening at this first bend and no I'm not using stuff that could cause this in the garage. HVAC guy checked out the heater and it's operating normally. He said "they have seen where this coating burns off in this location on furnaces". Aluminum can be toxic to the body. The new recoperative furnaces have two heat exchangers. One stainless steel and the other regular steel which probably is plated so you may be having this same thing happening to your steel heat exchanger in your furnace. headaches are one of the metals sickness signs.

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