Oil furnace not working/button dont light up HELP Please


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Oil furnace not working/button dont light up HELP Please

So i bought $100 of oil to warm my house up as its May and im sick of making fires . So i put oil in my tank to later find out the oil furnace aint working, The fan works i can make wood fires but the oil furanace is not working its like theres no power. i made a video as you will see the button i press is supposed to light up also i found a panel that has a hole and says to only reset if i guess i really need to . I dont know much about furnaces so maybe someone can help trouble shoot with me thanks. Dont mind the dust lol https://vimeo.com/94622491 May have to wait if vimeo is not done converting. ill return tomorrow morning to check for updates Thanks guys
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Welcome to the forums.

What fan is working ? Is this an oil fired hot air furnace ?

The reset button on the Field Control oil fired secondary safety switch is only reset after the reason for it to be tripped has been found. You can reset it to see if the burner starts up.
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To be honest i have no idea the fan blows hot air when you make a fire when theres no fire i usually just turn up the Oil thermostat and then it blows hot air so its used for both.

So i should try and poke the reset in the little metal box
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Your video is so jerky, fast panned and often out of focus that it is next to worthless. How about posting a couple of dozen still pictures, both close ups of any controls and from a distance so we can see how it all fits together.

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