Gas Furnace Blower Problem


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Gas Furnace Blower Problem


This is my first time posting. I have a RUUD Achiever Series Super Quiet 80. UGPN-07EAMGR. I'm guessing it is around a 2006 model, since the house was completely renovated that year. Last year was my first winter at the house. There was an issue with the system and I was informed about it (short cycling). Turns out someone had wired the thermostat wrong and apparently it had been short cycling for years. I replaced it with a digital Honeywell thermostat and the furnace was professionally serviced. It ran like clock work once the new thermostat was in, no short cycling, and last year was one of the coldest winters in Maine in recent memory. Fast forward to now. I turned on the furnace this fall and noticed that the fan does not always work, sometimes it does but there is no real pattern that I can witness. I will look at the thermostat and it will indicate that the heat is on however the fan is not blowing. I have noticed that the fan seemed to short cycle occasionally but i have only witnessed that a few times. When I say short cycle, I mean the blower will turn on for a few minutes and then turn off.

So right now it seems to occasionally work like it is suppose to, reaching set temperature. Other times the fan won't work at all but the thermostat reads heat is on. And as I said I witnessed it short cycling a couple of times. Does anybody have any recommendations?
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What you really need to do is to take a few minutes to observe what the furnace does or does not do. You should observe that, when there is a call for heat, the inducer motor starts. Then, after about 20 - 30 seconds the igniter should glow. Then the gas will click on and the burners will light. The igniter will then turn off. If the flames go out after a few seconds, your flame sensor will need cleaning.

This is common and requires removal (one screw) and cleaning with fine steel wool, an SOS pad, fine sandpaper Etc. Clean by stroking the rod lengthwise. You just want to clean it, not take off excess material. Wipe it with a clean rag and re install. Your flame sensor is a metal rod with a wire attached to the bottom. I think yours has a 90 degree bend and is usually in the path of the farthest burner from the igniter.
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If it is just the blower acting up, I suggest you check the wire on the G terminal on the thermostat and the wire on the G terminal on the furnace control board to see if they are making a good connection. A slightly loose wire on a terminal can cause erratic operation. If the furnace itself is short cycling then careful observation will be required to see at what point it shuts off.

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