2nd Inducer Motor in 2 years


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2nd Inducer Motor in 2 years

Hey all,
I have a goodman gmnt060-3b furnace, original to a home built in 2004; around this time last year, the inducer motor of said furnace went dead, and the small metal fan blade worked itself independent of the turbine; i was okay with it as the unit was 10 years old, and well, sometimes, things happen. I used this forum to read up on the situation, and felt confident enough to order and replace the motor myself, which worked fantastic, until yesterday. The new motor i just installed seized up on me, and now I'm guessing that I need to replace this one as well. My question is, is this a standard thing to replace? I was at least hoping I could get another 10 years out of it, but I guess not. Also, I was pretty sure I read that the inducer motor I have (B4833000S) is a sealed system, and does not need to be oiled. Is that correct? Also, is there some other thing that could have made the motor seize that I didnt correct the first time (pressure switch, something else?) I removed the inducer and worked it free, but after replacing it in the furnace, it locked up again within 5 minutes. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
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An inducer should last 5-10+ years. To my knowledge you can't oil them.

Maybe you got a faulty inducer or something killed it.
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I recommending finding a NCI certified company to install a post purge timer to make the new fan stay on after the furnace shuts off to remove the corrosive gasses that cause rust. And a combustion analysis is the only way to tell is the system is UNDERFIRED causing more corrosion than normal. Get a new Co detector every 5 years and have your system serviced each season.

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