Blue Flame wall heater


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Blue Flame wall heater

I'm considering installing a blue flame wall heater in my living room which will complement my forced air gas furnace. The living room is about 300 square feet and I figured a 10,000 btu heater would suffice. The problem is I can't find a 10,000 btu blue flame heater that has a blower option. Do I really need a blower option, and if not, would a 20,000 btu unit (that does come with a blower option) be a case of overkill (too much heat)? Also what are a few good brands to look for? Thanks.
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I believe most on this site will say do not install a ventless heater, here in California they are not allowed. Am I correct in saying they are ventless?
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I think most 10k btu units don't have a fan because it's really not needed. You're not talking a massive amount of heat in one location so natural air currents are able to distribute it pretty well. Heck, one of the burners on my stove is 20k btu. You will need to make sure it's installed in an area away from furniture & curtains so it can have good natural airflow and anything flammable is not near it.
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With any luck, unvented fkuel burning heaters will be outlawed nationwide.

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