Nordyne furnace doesn't work. 2 flashes code.

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Nordyne furnace doesn't work. 2 flashes code.

I have a furnace that was working last season, but after a summer is not working anymore. I turn the heat on and switch the heat to 80 and I hear it turn on and make a humming noise, but it doesn't blow any heat. The blower feels hot on top of it, but it doesn't blow any heat.

After a bit, the red lights turns from solid to flashing 2 times. The fault code is "Pressure switch is closed with inducer on".

A little googling revealed I should disconnect one wire from the hockey puck looking thing. Which I believe is the pressure switch. I should then start the furnace like this to see if it works. After it fires, I should reconnect it. Can I run it like this or is this only for testing purposes?

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In the following picture the pressure switch is circled in red. That is connected to the draft inducer blower with a thin rubber tube. That tube needs to be cleaned as well as the port where it connects to the inducer. I'm concerned with all the rust at the bottom of the inducer motor.

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For testing purposes only..... remove one wire from the pressure switch. Set the stat to call for heat. After 10 seconds reconnect that wire. The furnace should run normally.

You may have some drain/condensation lines in your system there that need to be cleaned.
Please post the model number for your furnace.

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Model # is FG6RC 080C - 12B
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You might try pulling the plug at the bottom of the draft inducing blower, and seeing if water drains out. Last year my furnace blower had water standing in it due to a plugged drain line from a water separator in the pvc exhaust vent. I put a piece of wire up the drain line, and lots of gunk came out and water which is supposed to be draining into the condensate pump. It might be possible for junk to get up the line to the pressure switch, so I would check that line, and make sure it is clear.
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Had the same issue.

Hi, I'm not a professional hvac guy but I have 2 of these same units in my house so I've learned a little bit about them. I had the same issue with one of them and my problem was the condensation line out was pushed in to the furnace when I cleaned my pump moving it from where it was. I found the tube likes to be at a certain angle. If you pull the back line off the pressure switch and give a gentle blow through it, if you feel water in there that's the problem. As soon as you reattach the line it should kick right on. If that is the problem adjust the line a little and you should be all set when you find the right spot. It did take me a couple cycles but it fixed that issue.

Hope it works out for you, I have a blower fan timing issue with mine which hopefully I can find a solution to.

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