Lennox G60UHV - won't ignite... what else to check?


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Lennox G60UHV - won't ignite... what else to check?

I have a 10 year old Lennox G60UHV gas furnace. The furnace will begin it's cycle (I can hear the blower) but will not ignite. The same problem occurred a couple of years ago. I blew out a short red tube (per an internet suggestion) and the furnace began to work properly again. I tried this again this time and no joy. I removed the flame sensor and lightly rubbed it down with a fine grade 3M scratch pad being careful not to overdo it. But again no joy.

The electronic panel shows two lights slow blinking.

Any thoughts on what the lady of the house can check to get this thing heating again?
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Welcome to the forums.

It sounds your previous problem and possibly again this time is related to the draft inducer blower and pressure switch. It's not a flame sensor problem as that only activates after the burner is lit.

Try to count the flashes. They signify a code which will be posted on the back of the blower door.
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Are they alternating or blinking simultaneously?

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I also have a G60. The steel tube nipple on the induced draft fan housing that has the rubber tubing to the pressure switch is most likely the problem. The steel nipple will corrode internally and stop the pressure signal from reaching the pressure switch.

The cure is to take a series of increasing size drill bits and clear the hole through the tube. Generally you can do this by just twisting the drill bit in your fingers if you start with a small enough bit. Don't let go of the bit as it can fall through into the fan housing.

I seem to have to do this every two or three years.
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So my bad for missing the very last post... Here's the story...

I'd had the problem a few years ago and fixed it myself. This time I blew out the hose and probed the orifices where each end of the hose connected to. Basically I had done all I could, which didn't fix the problem.

Called three techs and one said he might be able to make it the same day the problem presented itself (Saturday 12/12/15) but if his job ran long he could come Sunday morning at 8am (with no emergency surcharge). Sounded good so I said yes. He arrived promptly at 8am and did the troubleshooting, which confirmed the issue as the 2-stage blower switch. (I watched and when he bypassed the switch the furnace powered all the way on.)

Says he can come back on Thursday to install it and on Monday, 12/14/15, he ordered the part from a Lennox authorized distributor (that does not sell to the public). I know I could have ordered the part on-line but I was trying to reward the tech (owner operated) for being prompt and helpful.

The house is running in the low 50s. Not cold cold but not comfortable.

I hear nothing by Thursday afternoon and make a follow up call to him (said he had not gotten a call that the part was in.) I called the parts store directly and was able to get them to confirm he has ordered the part on Monday.

So far everyone is being polite but I'm meeting some resistance with my following up. Guess I should mention I've been in the auto parts industry for over 30 years and have an excellent grasp of WD's, jobbers, willcall, etc....

Friday afternoon 2:30pm still nothing. A series of texts and calls ensue. I was able to confirm the part had arrived on Thursday but the parts store is really reluctant to speak with me directly. BTW - the parts store is closed on Saturday so if the part isn't picked up on Friday the furnace doesn't get fixed until next week. Now it's looking like 10+ days without a furnace and with Christmas closing fast I'm concerned about the furnace getting fixed at all before the holidays.

I offer to make the 1.5 hour roundtrip trip to will call the part. What tech wouldn't jump on that? I've done this before and contractors/technicians have said yes yes yes! This guy? He says I am "overstepping my boundaries". When I point out I will be another 3 days (at least) without a furnace he doesn't care. I mention that if he's worried I will see his markup (I will have to pay for the part since he does not have an open account) I say it doesn't matter to me I just want to get the furnace running. He says he will mark up the part whatever amount he wants and repeats that I am overstepping my boundaries.

At which point, I decline to continue with his services.

I ended up ordering the part from a super helpful appliance parts place. Next day air (ouch) and the parts store was located about 45 minutes away. Tuesday afternoon I took a drive to pick it up and installed it in five minutes.

And the furnace still didn't work. WTF. Really?

I KNOW the problem has something do with the switch because I know the furnace lit when the switch was by passed. Thinking cap on I go get a toothpick and probe those ports again. This time, the toothpick knocks a little something loose... Apparently the plastic hose from the canned air wasn’t strong enough to clear the port.

A little reassembly and now it works..... Wow.... 11 days and $280 later. And if I just hadn't missed the post from that last DIYer.....

Well, I've heard that living in a slightly cold house helps you burn calories.... I think I'll have an extra glass or two of wine to get over it.

Thanks for all the postings and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season!

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The pressure switches are extremely rugged and reliable. They very rarely good bad. I have never had to change one. The tech should have connected a manometer to the pressure switch line as soon as he got there. That meter measures vacuum. He would have seen weak or no vacuum and would have known the switch wasn't at fault.

It would be a good idea to get a few small drill bits that can be run thru by hand to clear out the port.

Thanks for letting us know the outcome. Name:  snow_grin.gif
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