New oil tank fuel line routing...


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New oil tank fuel line routing...

Hope that this is the right forum for this question. I am having a new Granby 2-in-1 Oil tank installed. The previous tank while appearing sound I question due to age. It has been here for the forty years that I have and who knows how many before that. It feed the boiler appox 10 feet away through a bottom valve and line that runs shallowly under the concrete floor.
Here is my question. In discussion with the installer he was going to just run a poly line along the wall to the boiler. That i don't even like the sound of. Too prone to ANYTHING! Second was along a wall to the boiler. Okay, but will cause possible problems for service access for the boiler.
The ceiling in the basement is only seven feet. Anyone see any problem with going straight up to the ceiling across to the boiler then down to the boiler feed point? This way several water lines etc. will all be in the same area and look neater. Also completely out of the way.
For this I was considering using the Streamline orange copper tubing so it can be readily recognized and traced. I know that it is coated for concrete but the color might be a good thing .
Just worried about draw suction, lift etc.

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Nothing wrong in going overhead except the difficulty of removing air after a filter change or other work. If you insist on going overhead, the only way I would suggest is by using a Tigerloop. Here is some suggest reading: Tigerloop
Tigerloop Article

The orange coated copper is required in some areas.

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