York furnace: flame sensor and Carrier upgrade

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York furnace: flame sensor and Carrier upgrade

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I have been shopping for a furnace and A/C and was leaning towards an Infinity, ...Carrier (was very happy to know they are not moving to Mexico)

propane (so only Com Ed rebate) vs. Nicor rebate

I got a bid of about 13,000 for furnace and A/c, Reme Halo UV about 1500 of that...and a merv 15 filter, off the top of my head. A humidifier and this, I was given 3 levels of systems...and this one would be 97% (previously had 120,000 Btus, 90 percent). He quoted for same btus...wifi thermostat...

I read somewhere that utilizing a company that also does industrial, is good and this place has union workers and the salesman said the least experienced is 10 years...ALSO the local community college hvac instructor recommended them, they have been in business (not same owners) for more than 50 years. I checked Better Business Bureau: Start With Trust® and there were no big complaints, actually no reviews at all.

I do not know if they planned on coming to measure windows and so forth that a radio personality told me when I asked him what to do....have not gotten that far (I have a few things to move!! three households of stuff crammed here)

I was hoping to replace before the end of the year for the tax credit but it's not looking good with all the holidays coming up.

We built this brick ranch, 2564 square foot, half finished basement, in 1990, so we got 26 years out of it...in 2010 paid for igniter, a couple control boards due to hvac student friend experimenting...(about 1000 for all)...and lately I decided to get new system because for a couple weeks every day I had to restart the furnace.

Finally I saw on youtube the importance of cleaning the flame sensor (and my friend from hvac school said the base also had a lot of rust he cleaned off with kitchen scrubber piece)....the youtube guy said he has only replaced one or two flame sensors, but he always cleans them during a service call due to the importance of such..

and it's been working no problems for 3 weeks as of yesterday since we cleaned the flame sensor..

I also hope to find on here more info on the air cleaners. I rescue cats and dogs and have no sense of smell so it would seem like heaven to have a blower working 24/7 to do fresh air./purifying (I was told the reme halo uv is enclosed and will not hurt furnace parts)

Another question, I heat my 3 car garage, but the utility room linked to it before the kitchen door has no cold air return so it is always chilly in that room and also the kitchen...which is okay...but is there a solution to that.? (Dog doors contribute to the cold drafts) (I highly recommend Solo pet doors, bTW) the other white one is junk cuz the collar things have batteries that die....solo uses any magnet)

Is there a reason there is no cold air return in the adjoining room to an attached garage?

For bids I sent photos of the ac/ outside (York), and we have a York Stellar PLus furnace.1990 90%

I had got bids on lennox and trane so far...and waiting for another Lennox bid since before Thanksgiving so I take it he's not interested in my business.

I paid $35 for digital consumer reports but they did not tell about air filters or the reme halo UV light...they did have a 2014 chart showing Trane Lennox and Carrier at the top for least repairs and YORK the lowest (I believe that!). 8-)

ON Amazon reviews someone said that a wifi thermostat like Honeywell would be hard on the furnace running more because it is constantly trying to be right on the dot with the temperature, I have no idea how true that is.
The radio station sent me a free Aprilaire programmable wifi thermostat 8476W but I assume I'll have to sell it on ebay as this is not the kind they had suggested in the bid.

This is like a car, if you think it only costs ~3000 a year....more or less, so what?

I don't know why a furnace is such a big deal, but it is.8-) We hate messing with our heating chances! and utilities bills.....

MY 2nd house I got ripped off...the local guy spent 6 hours twiddling around, charged me for a new control board and it cost 1400 dollars..........a 10 year old furnace........I looked up the control board cost it was 200 and he charged me like 800...I wrote to him asking that it must have been a mistake with an SASE envelope for a refund and I got no answer at all!!

I want to do it right...we installed a Heil at my grandmas house and after 2 years something went wrong...under warranty the local guy charged 170 to re do the pvc drainage pipes....I was told the serviceman had another story from what the tenant told me, so...now I don't trust them and I do want the best furnace I can get...

On another note I once saw at a farm show an outdoor furnace that heated sheds with cow manure. I would so love to have a system as a backup ...using my cat wood pellet litter! I buy a pallet of wood pellets a year at least..8_)
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i have briefly looked over this post - lots of details.

1. It sounds like the dealer is trying to sell you stuff you don't need.

High end air filters do little for indoor air quality and are expensive to maintain.

The filter is there primarily to keep the furnace clean. You can try to do other things with the filter, but not very effectively.

You can get a merv 8 or 10 4 to 5" media filter at a lower cost than a merv 15. merv 15 is getting pretty close to hospital grade hepa filter.

The most important thing for iaq is proper ventilation. Use exhaust fans when showering and cooking. crack open a window as needed. or, you can get an HRV unit if you want ventilation with heat recovery.

2. Determine what you need and ask for it. Don't let the contractor try to sell u something you don't need.

Do you want 1 stage or 2 stages of heat, or modulating?

2-stage and modulating improve comfort but do little to save energy directly. you have to get the furnace properly sized and controlled by a 2-stage or modulating stat for maximum benefit.

3. Do not let someone just put the same btu input.

If this house was built to code in 1990 with insulated 2x4 or 2x6 walls, double pane windows, R25 or better attic insulation, 120 000 btu is too big.

and a 97% unit will put out more heat than a 90% unit and require more airflow.

If it's 1 story or 1.5 story, it will need more heat than a 2 story, but not 120 000 btu/hr.

If in doubt, get a load calculation done.

You probably don't need more than 80 000 btu input.

more heat is not better.

UV lamps in particular are a complete waste and do nothing.
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To add to what muggle wrote.

You DO NOT want a supply or return in a garage for a forced air furnace. (car engine fumes)
An adjoining room is a different thing.

Air filters ONLY filter the air to keep the furnace clean and will slightly improve dust levels in the house. That filter will do nothing for pet smells.

Wifi thermostats are basically a toy. Something to play with. They may save you a couple of dollars in energy costs but it would take many many years of savings to pay for it.

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