Adjusting flame burners on this old gas furnace?


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Adjusting flame burners on this old gas furnace?

Attachment 74615Noticed my (very) old gas furnace started to short cycle this weekend, so decided to do what I should have done in the fall...gave it a good cleaning. Once I got everything put back in place, short cycling is gone. So, there's that.

Anyway, while I was down there, noticed that the flames were less than ideal. Lots of orange and purple. Here's a short video I took as an example... Already decided that this is probably going to be the last year for this old was ancient when we bought the house, and that was almost a decade ago. But, just wondering if there's any opportunity to adjust the burners to reduce the intensity in the flames a bit? Note, there's no pilot on the furnace, it uses a hot surface ignitor.

Here's a shot of the guts as a whole...

Name:  guts.jpg
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Here's a close-up of the gas control valve...

Name:  valve.jpg
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And finally, here's a close-up of one of the burners, which seems to have an adjustable sleeve/collar on it (so, wondering if this is used for adjusting the flame)...

Name:  burner.jpg
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Would appreciate any advice if anyone has some.

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Looks like a York or Luxaire unit.

The orange is caused by dust in the air....mostly from you stirring it up.

What is short cycling... the burner ?
If the blower is staying on but the burner is cycling you probably have an overheating problem. That's usually caused from a dirty filter, too many closed down registers, blocked returns or possible blower failure.
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Thanks Pete—so, nothing to be overly concerned about then? I was kicking up a lot of dust when I pulled out the blower to clean the blades.

Re: the cycling. Honestly, I didn't really think about it too hard. That morning, I just noticed that after about 15 minutes, the main blower would turn off and burners would go out (the draft/combustion fan would continue to run), then about 30 seconds later, the ignitor would heat up, the burners would light and the blower would start up, then 15 minutes later, it'd all happen again.

So, I swapped out the filter (even though I'd just replaced it three weeks prior...kinda got into a "it's freezing out and I don't want the furnace dying on me tonight" panic), opened all the registers and gave it all a good cleaning...when I turned it back on, no longer short cycled. So, it wasn't necessarily the cleaning that solved be honest, it was probably too many closed registers (from the summer)...but the cleaning didn't hurt...and the filter...didn't need to be replaced, but ah well...


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