Holes/gaps in my ducts


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Holes/gaps in my ducts

Where round ducts come out of rectangular ducts, there are a lot of holes like in the photo.
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It is pretty small, but there are many of them. Should I cover them all with duct tape or are they supposed to be there?

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Sealing up duct work is a good idea. Do not use Duct tape, that is old technology. Instead use mastic: Water Based Mastic Half Gallon Tub-WBA50 - The Home Depot or metal foil tape: Nashua Tape 1.89 in. x 50 yd. 322 Multi-Purpose HVAC Foil Tape-1207792 - The Home Depot
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Thinking about it some more; all the leaks are into the basement, and the basement is heated.
Do the leaks really matter?

There are 4 heat ducts in the basement. I have dampers closed on all 4, and one is capped. Temperature is about right, now. If I closed up all the leaks, i might must have to open a damper to compensate.

Any good reason to just not leave well enough alone?
Serious question... I really don't know.
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If the remainder of the living space is being adequately heated, the leaky ducts in the basement is of little consequence. The purpose of the ducts is to provide a conduit for air to be transported from a source to a destination with minimal change. Cool air at minimum flow is of little value at heating a volume. Therefore, leaks in ducts should be fixed. My guess is the ducts you cant see are also leaky
and increasing your heating expense.

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