Trane XV95 and Nest


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Trane XV95 and Nest

Good Morning

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on my furnace settings. Frankly its the Trane XV95 Model TDH2B080A9V3VAB. My house is about 2500 square feet with 13 duct outlets.

I can always just barely feel the air coming out when AC or Heat on. Last spring I had the crawl space installation replaced and all the ducts inspected for leaks (all good). In fact had all the ducts resealed.

I know the wiring has W1 & W2 jumped. I do have an extra strand of wire from my Tstat to connect, so I'll do that. But I assume with it like that the furnace would always run at full speed.

My big bank of switches is
1 -Off
2 - Off
3 - Off
4 - Off
5 - On
6 - Off
7 - Off
8- On

For the other set of four switches it looks like the first two are off and the second two are on

So If i look at the Download Perofmance Data for the furnace when Switch 7 is Off and Switch 8 is On the Airflow settings is Medium Low

Would there be any issues for me to turn them both off and make the flow high?

I think switches 1-5 being off don't have any actually the sheet doesn't list anything with them all off.

Looks like the other bank of switches is set at factory default.

My house takes about 2.5 hours to heat to 69 when the house is 64 so I just thinking i'm not pumping enough air in,

Any suggestions/Pointers?
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The heating airflow is adjusted based on heat rise thru the furnace. There will be a tag behind the burner service cover near the burner with the heat rise on it. Something like 50-70 degrees. Then you measure return air coming into the furnace and heated air going out of the furnace. The difference gives you the rise. Based on that you may be able to raise the blower speed.

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