I have no heat - need help


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I have no heat - need help

I have a goodman home exterior unit. It has my ac and my gas heating unit both combined together. When i went to turn it on for the first time this year it did not work. So far i here is how far i have been able to get by myself and looming things up as i go. I took the panel off and found i guess the main board. It has a red light that stays on when the heater is in ready mode i guess or not supposed to be running. When i switch the thermostat and turn heater on after a minute the red light starts blinking twice over and over which i read means to check ventor end switch. My inducer motor is working and does come on. And i just dont know where to go from here. I have recently been laid off in the oil field and took another less paying job and do not have the money to call someone. I read that the ventor end switch is some kind of pressure switch which i am familiar with types of those from work and im sure would be able to figure out how to get unit working if i could get some idea of what to do next. Can someone please help me out?
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I don't think it's saying ventor switch...but vent OR switch. But hey, maybe they have an odd name, I saw that same question elsewhere from 5 yrs ago and they said ventor also.

So you have whats called a packaged unit? There is no fan in the house at all? It's all out in that big box with duct work connecting it to the duct in the house?

if so, it should be relatively easy to work on, no climbing a ladder and craning around to get at things.

I can't link to them directly, but there are numerous how-to explanations and videos on the web. Just search for testing goodman pressure switch. Knowing what model you have would help the Pro's here, but it's a bit late for them to be on. I'm just a general fix it guy so cannot give specific advice. If you already know how to test a pressure switch, you'll be golden.

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It would also be helpful and courteous if you went in and got out of invisible mode. (see the dot beside your name?) It's a software glitch and isn't normally supposed to be used. Click on the little man icon upper right, click on User Control Panel, then Edit Options under Settings and Options.

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Quick and dirty...you can jumper the switch and if you get heat, that's the issue. Unless it's life or death, DO NOT leave it that way. Find a supplier open tomorrow and replace it.
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Hi, can you post model and serial number of the unit? There must be an exhaust vent somewhere on than unit,check and be sure it is not blocked,also any intake vents for fresh air for combustion.pics also may help.
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It is venter. The draft inducer blower can also be called a venter or venter fan. Although a model number for that packaged unit would be helpful..... pictures would be more helpful. How-to-insert-pictures

You should see the draft inducer connected to a pressure switch with a small hose. Remove the hose completely and make sure it's clear. Get a real small drill bit or small paper clip and clean the hole in the inducer. Not the large ferrule where the hose attaches but down inside. The hole will be tiny. It gets plugged easily.

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