AFG electrode replacement problem

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AFG electrode replacement problem

the replacement electrodes look too short.

I bought replacement electrodes for my AFG burner and they appear too short. I took both the old and replacement electrodes apart to see if I could use some of the old pieces to make the replacement electrodes longer, but I could not. I asked the supplier and they say they have been supplying these for years and never hard this before. What an I doing wrong?

Before Im told that home novice user should never do this, i did do it once before years ago. I replace these, the nozzle, the strainer, filter, clean out the chamber, replace the gaskets, get it running so it looks about right, then I pay for someone with the gauges and know how to make sure it is running right.

the gasket looks different too.

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Did you supply them with the model number ?
I see several different Beckett/TRW electrodes that look identical to what you are looking for.

Where did you buy the incorrect ones ? I'd think the supply guys would recognize the ones you need.
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Although Beckett AFG electrodes are all the same diameter they come in many lengths to accommodate the burner tube length.

Burner tubes come in various sizes from about 3.5" to about 16". with the electrodes to match.

There is nothing wrong with the electrode. You can take the metal end off the old one and use it on the new one.

You can also buy new metal conductors separately. You should have gotten 2 with your electrodes.

They come one size and you alter them to fit.

The parts at the bottom are from your transformer of which there are also different brands and you must specify which one you have. You most likely have to alter these also. It is not worth taking up valuable shelf space for such a small insignificant item, so they are general.

You do get new ones with a new transformer and unless something unusual happens that should be enough.

As far as your DIY statement, 50% of doing a job is knowing what is available. I do believe if you are mechanically inclined and have common sense a lot of these things can be done as DIY projects.

Hope this helps a little.

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"You can take the metal end off the old one and use it on the new one." tried, threaded part too short to screw into old metal ends. Even if it did, it looks like it would be too short to touch the transformer electric contacts.
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0000 steel wool to clean up old porcelains and file to sharpen same.(electrodes)Miss cutting porcelains to size but not enough to dig thru my old box.
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Unless the porcelains are cracked I see no need to replace the electrodes. Just clean them with a piece of Scotch Brite & some spray cleaner (even window cleaner will work). The electrode tips don't look bad in the picture.

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