Please help why burner doent burn any gas


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Please help why burner doent burn any gas

my gas burner is stopped working lastnight. As you can see from the video below, the pilot is on, and is trying to opened the gas valve to generate heat, but it always fails. Please suggest what to do to finit.

thank you
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It sounds like it triy to open the gas valve but fail.

Any help please
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Once your pilot is lit you have a flame sensor that sends a signal to the gas valve that says it's OK to open and light the main burners.

If your pilot is lighting I would check your flame senor,( possibly a rod) to see if it's clean and positioned properly to feel the pilot fire and open the gas valve.

Hope this helps a little.
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I see a pilot flame not fully established. That leaves a dirty/plugged orifice. The pilot must be a large bushy flame to establish it's lit.

A model number of the unit would be needed. If it's a furnace.... you'll find it on an ID tag on the side wall near the burner.

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