Strong Oil smell in house


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Strong Oil smell in house

I have a boiler with baseboard heating in a house that was built in 1966. I have a brand new, almost 3 year old, furnace with a brand new above ground oil tank. My existing underground tank is still there but was emptied of oil. (about to be dug up). I have what I think is a raw fuel smell in my house, not exhaust. The technician came out and checked everything including the exhaust pressure and said everything is operating beautifully. The furnace hasn't run in almost 2 weeks so why am I smelling oil? After checking the lines and not finding anything wrong the Tech said I need to check the following-
1. Cracks in chimney ( wouldn't that be an exhaust smell while running??)
2. Need to dig up the underground tank and check for leaks ( I am doing that myself this weekend)
3. Drill holes through cinder blocks where the old lines are and check for oil residue.
I do not know much about this stuff but I do not think it is any of these but I will check them all and get it done. This isn't the first time this has happened though. This has happened 3 or 4 times this year (only for 1 day) and the only commonality between them is the fact that the oil tank was empty and the furnace shut off due to not having any oil. Oil tank was filled within 24 hours and I bled the lines and it worked well. I had a friend say that she smells oil in her basement when her tank is almost empty. Our tank has barely 6 inches in it and we have to fill it when there is about 3 inches. I would appreciate any help possible.
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