Help with fuel oil furnace

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Cool Help with fuel oil furnace

Hey everyone!

Thanks for the great community here. I've got a fuel oil furnace that has been nothing but reliable, but this year decided not to light on the first cold night this Winter.

I had a technician come out, and he looked at it for about 10 seconds then said "new electrodes, we'll call you with an estimate". They called with said estimate, which was over $1,000, and they wouldn't even guarantee that would be all it would cost to get it up and running. Needless to say, I told them no thank you.

Since then, I have purchased and installed new electrodes, a new nozzle, a new igniter cap, and a new CAD cell. Unfortunately she's still not lighting. The new electrodes came with the spark gap measuring tool, which I made sure was correct. Also double checked the spread and flow ratings on the new nozzle to make sure they matched the old one (80B, 1 GPH). I've also bled the oil line, and opening the bleed screw fills up a cup of oil in no time.

When there's a call for heat, the blower fan kicks on as it should, but then it times out as there's no light.

The burner is a Beckett. Can anyone offer some additional things I can try? It's a little chilly in here!

Thank you so much!
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So it doesn’t light at all?
How many times has it been reset with no ignition?
Does the burner motor come on?
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Did you check the transformer that creates the spark. That's the black square box that you flip open to get to the electrodes.

Depending on your skill level you can disconnect one of the motor leads so the pump doesn't send raw oil into the chamber without being ignited, then flip open the transformer and cover the cad cell with a cloth so it is in the dark. Turn on the power and run the metal end of a screwdriver between the metal springs or bars and see if you get any arching. You should get a strong arch. If not or very weak replace transformer.

Did you check the coupling between the motor and pump. Even though the motor is running if the coupling is worn it may not be turning the pump to deliver oil to the nozzle.

Pics of the burner would be helpful.

Hope this helps a little.

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