What does this switch on furnace do ?


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What does this switch on furnace do ?

So I have been debating on installing a 6 breaker transfer switch this summer. My main concern is staying warm in the event of a 3-4 day power outage (Michigan) and running our refrigerator. I have watched some videos of people cutting the circuit from the panel to the furnace and then installing an outlet on the wall, then install a plug from the furnace. In the event of a power outage, you through the main (might not have to but I always do...Been a good habit just in case). You then pull the furnace plug from the outlet and plug that into your extension cord and then into the generator. I really like the simplicity of this idea as we could at least stay warm in the winter if the power goes out.

In looking over my system I saw this switch with a weird what almost looks like a light bulb socket. I've never seen something like this on a furnace. Can anyone educate me on what it is? My HVAC system does include a central air conditioning unit. The furnace is Goodman brand. I definitely appreciate any help!
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That is where you screwed the old time fuse in.
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I made up a box to make my connections at the main panel. I pulled the furnace wires out and connected them to that box, plugged in the power cord I added, flipped the breaker inside and then flipped the power switch to the furnace back on. A more complicated approach to exactly what you described but I was going around thawing out neighbors during the ice storm of 98. Not a code approved approach but when a house is almost frozen people were VERY happy to get a few hours of heat. The lady that loaned me the generator was an angle paying it forward as we saved her home due to the help of the orange box. She was disabled and her husband was deployed.

Anyway, the receptacle and power cord from the furnace approach will work, if codes approve. Pros will comment on that.

I now have my own generator and will be setting up something code approves so please let us know what you decide on.

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You can remove that switch/fuse combination and just install a standard wall switch with a red gas plate.

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Thanks all. Iíll definitely investigate it further! I want it to be code compliant so I will do some research!
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Most of those required 61/4 fuse

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