Lennox furnace/thermostat


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Lennox furnace/thermostat

I had a new Lennox furnace (SLP98UHV) and Icomfort thermostat installed three years ago. The installer is now out of business, with a bad reputation in his wake (and court system from multiple other of his customers).

Everything worked great with the new setup for one year. In second year, Icomfort thermostat began giving me problems...able to connect with house WIFI and Internet, but not with server (whatever that means). I could no longer get weather forecast on thermostat display or link to thermostat with my phone.

Over this past winter, the thermostat display stopped showing AC central air on the display. So now the thermostat only shows me the furnace on the display. Either "heat only" or "off".

Lennox tried helping me trouble shoot for about 10 hours on the phone total over several calls.

Local HVAC dealers with other companies don't want to repair a Lennox, saying they can only be serviced by Lennox. The next two closest Lennox dealers (35 and 45 miles away)say they don't want to drive this far. The first one said it would be a minimum $280 for the first 30 minutes to check on my $300 thermostat (which is still supposed to be under warranty) The last one recommended I call a Lennox dealer even farther from me than they were.

It seems the outside AC unit is getting power.

A system not even 3 years old should not be having this many problems, right?

Do you think this sounds like a furnace issue or a thermostat issue? If it is a thermostat problem, a new thermostat would be cheaper than a service call.

I don't mind paying for a fix, but no one seems interested.

Thanks for any advice, in advance!
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Not sure what advice we can give you. Apparently the thermostat has issues so that is a problem.
You said it doesn't show A/C on the display. Does A/C still work ?

If this is a communicating type thermostat...... connecting with only a few wires.... then there can be difficulty in replacing it with aftermarket.
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AC does not work. It was working last summer, but over winter AC began no longer appearing on thermostat display. The local dealer for another HVAC company said an after market thermostat may not work well with my variable speed furnace. I think it is a communicating thermostat adjusting furnace speeds as needed. It has four connected wires in the back and two others just pigtailed together with a wire nut. AC does not come on at all. Can I just buy a new Icomfort thermostat?

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