Smoke from residential chimney at 85 degrees...Why?


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Smoke from residential chimney at 85 degrees...Why?

I live in a tall building in New York City (over 150 apartments) and there's another one a block away. Both buildings have black smoke coming from the chimney even when the temperature is in the 80s. The buildings are co-ops each with a Board of Directors that supposedly care about costs. both buildings use oil heat. I don't feel any steam from the radiators. What's going on?

(Just realized it must be gas ranges, but does the black smoke comply to the law? I think it's too black.)
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A gas range's combustion products are room-vented, and they do not produce visible smoke under normal operating conditions.

Do you have individual water heaters for domestic water (showers etc) in the apartments, or is there a central hot water system that's oil fired?
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Does your building heat it's own water or does it use steam from Con Ed to produce hot water?
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Yeah, I think the boiler heats the water. They shut off the water when they're cleaning the boiler.
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That’s oil smoke. There’s a problem with the boiler.
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